Andi Manzano gives birth to miracle baby

She had welcomed her second baby this Saturday morning who is a small little beautiful girl and she and her husband had named her Amelia and the relief of Andi Manzano was easily be felt by her fans when she had made the announcement of this good news on Instagram and that post revealed that she had been blessed with a baby girl which really was tough, long and a challenging time period for her.

She in her first post had written that she is here and she called her newly born daughter as a miracle baby.

Her husband GP Reyes had shared that Manzano had spent more than 10 hours in the labor before she had given birth to their second daughter naturally. He said that this wasn’t easy for them and that was really slow as his wife had to push harder for hours and he called his wife to be a hero.  Amelia is the second daughter of Manzano and Reyes while the first daughter of this couple is Olivia who had been born in the year 2015 and the couple was married in the year 2013.




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