Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai being the CEO of Google is now going to testify in front of the judiciary committee of the house on the coming 5th December in the republican controlled days in congress chamber.

The subject therefore is based on the anti-conservative bias which a lot of politicians of the GOP have stated over Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the several other channels to make it a part of political spectrum. Kevin McCarthy is at the house majority leader and he is the republican who is going to become the leader for the minorities till January.

He had gave a statement in which he said that that day the company is accounting for the total of about 90 percents of the searches which have been made at a worldwide level to search the appropriate traffic.

But unfortunately, there are some of the recent posts which suggest the Google might not be in a state to wield its huge power simply in parts. These are the business practices which could have severed affect especially with the political bias point of view.

Well this contention is not just made by the congressional republicans and the right wing media outlets but there are some of the citizens at both ends of the political spectrum who have firm believe over online platforms which are active for the censors regarding the political views.  From the total which is there, almost 85 percent of the republicans are those who are independent while 62 percent are the democrats.

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