Google employee’s emails

Google has never been out of the spotlight as almost all of us use it on regular bases. However, this time, it is due to the internal emails from the employees which show a conversation between the individuals showing a desire to manipulate the search results. It was to fight the controversial travel ban by Trump and mute conservative viewpoints to push forward the combat on the ban.

Among the Silicon Valley tycoons, Google has raised the eyebrows of conservatives who are feeling that somehow the right-leaning views were condemned from within the company. The internal emails of the employees went public on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday which showed the intent of employees to change the algorithm in such a way that it will boost the left-leaning political views regarding immigration.

The emails were written on 29th January 2017 which was 2 days after Trump signed the travel order for the first time. It resulted in a country wide protest. As per the emails, the employees were looking to leverage the search engine results to combat the anti-immigration rhetoric and news. The chain of emails was shown first at Tucker Carlson Tonight which was soon matched by Wall Street Journal where the workers look forward to taking an immediate action against travel ban.

An email from a marketing employee suggested that they should leverage the search to highlight the organizations where people can provide donations for helping the people in need as well as giving them resources that would aid in immigration and travelling.

Another email from a product manager stated that this would need a full on sprint to make it happen. However, it can be a timely and imperative information because the country and Google both won’t be able to exist without the immigration.

Other employees appreciated with initiative with some showing the intent that there were ready to work on it while some stated that this is a ‘highly political issue.’

The emails showed the individuals chatting about how they can change the algorithm and promote the immigration organizations and lawmakers who fit their political beliefs.

As for the Google, it never denied the allegations. A response was sent to both Tucker Carlson Tonight and the Wall Street Journal stating that this was just a brainstorm of ideas nothing more. Google has never changed the algorithm or products to support a certain particular ideology.

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