The trailer of Grey’s Anatomy season 15 is out and it has a jaw dropping Twist

The first trailer of the most awaited season Grey’s Anatomy is out and the season lovers are excited about the new twist.

This is the first look of the season as the first trailer is launched now which is of 30 seconds only. But besides being a 30 seconds trailer, it has given the audience a shocking twist and a lot of drama.

There is much to unpack in the season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy and we are so excited about it. Some of the clips have increased our interest for the 15th season and we are looking forward to it. Talking about the exciting clips, we do not understand where to start. Should we credit the all new hot docs played by the everyone’s own Alex Landi and Chris Carmack or to give the credit to the pregnancy news that is revealed by Teddy (Kim Raver) when she arrived at the Grey Sloan Memorial. Surely, it is all the drama that we needed in the season.

Here is the trailer of Grey’s Anatomy season 15


But the thing that should be given all the credits of jaw dropping twist in the season is not this drama; it is the steamy hookup of our own Meredith Grey (Ellen Pimpeo) with Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). Have you expected this lovee affair of Mer in this season? Obviously no one has and this comes to our shock. The voiceover before the scene of having both kissing in eachother arms, it was said that there is a jaw dropping twist in the season and we could not agree for more. Indeed the jaw dropping twist in the season is the love affair of Meridith Grey and Andrew DeLuca, for which the season lovers are waiting anxiously to know about their story. They still have to find out that is that a fantasy or is it in real that both of them have a love affair; to get the clear idea of it we all have to wait for the season’s launch. Only then we can know about the true story.

There held a two hour premiere of the season and in that we can see that Meredith was struggling to be determined and stay focused. While Kelly knows about the secret of Teddy and she is the secret keeper for her. Owen and Amelia are figuring out their relationship. Now we will have to find out that Mer was distracted because of Andrew or is there any other reason.

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