Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes has now given up and has taken the hands-off approach for the hit drama serial. Entertainment weekly had talked to her about that, and there was a session of question answers among them. Entertainment Weekly asked her that as now the duties of the Grey’s anatomy are now on Krista Vernoff so does she still wake up in the middle of the night and have a good idea about drama. Shonda Rhimes in answer to this question said that she now doesn’t bother about these things and she is having a good experience with Krista Vernoff as she comes up with new ideas for the season and those ideas are just amazing.

 The next question which was asked by Shonda Rhimes was that does she still signs every script of the drama and the answer which she had given contained a simple no. She said that once it was an enormous task but now when Krista has joined all this she is not doing the same. She noted that Krista is there for the project for some reasons, and it had been somehow a real experience for Shonda to let go of her routine and she said that she is not that kind of the person who just quietly sat and signed the notes yet she gives some input and has to offer her notes to almost everyone. According to her, Krista is the only person who knows and understands her voice and her point of views very well, and she is enjoying her company.

The next question that was asked from Shonda Rhimes was that how was it like for her been on a break and she answered that she has been working on this drama for almost 13 reasons and up till now she is exhausted, and it was like she has taken part in a Marathon. She said that in the beginning, it was hard choosing a break, but now she is satisfied as the show is still doing its best. She was then asked about her point of view to rank herself once the show becomes a big hit and the longest running drama. In an answer, she said that she doesn’t mark herself on the list of accomplishments but she is proud of the show, and she loves it. She said that she is happy that the people love and care about the Grey’s Anatomy.


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