Hakeem al-Araibi returning to Australia after Thai court rules extradition case be dropped

Hakeem al-Araibi returning to Australia after Thai court rules extradition case be dropped

This has recently been on view that Hakeem al Araibi had been detained after he had taken his flight to Bangkok for his honeymoon last year in November. There are allegations on him that he had vandalized a police station in Behrain during the Arab Spring. This has been confirmed by the director general of the International Affairs of the Thai Government to the reporters as the attorney general has requested the case for the extradition to get dropped. About 9.00pm, Scott Morrison the Prime Minister had confirmed that Mr al Araibi was on the way back the Bangkok Airport to board his flight towards his home.  In a statement given by Mr, Morrison said that he would be pleased to see him home when that have occurred but he admitted that he wasn’t taking anything permanently for granted. He further added that he would like to pay gratitude and thanks to show that how much he appreciated the Thai government for the decision which they have taken that day.

He said that they really have great respect for the processes that they had to deal with while doing the work throughout and they had been greatly appreciating the efforts and to the listening issues which recently have been raised by the Thai Government and many others as well.  He added that those issues are way complex and the relationships that the Thai government is having especially to the Prayut Prime Minister is something that is really very strong and they would thank them for the way they have shown their engagement with them and this is just a matter for the period of time.

Marise Payne, the foreign minister had said that there were still a specific number of steps which are needed to be gone through but if everything gets itself in a complete and a smoother manner, Mr al Araibi then soon would be reunited to his family who have been living in Australia.  That 25 year old man has been arrested about two months ago from now when he landed at the Bangkok Airport.




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