For this Christmas, a Wisconsin company is granting revolvers to its employees that are somehow related to the efforts for the promotion of team building and safety measures. This step has just been taken for the purpose of encouraging personal security among the employees.

The company granting revolvers to its employees is actually a Hortonville based benshot and Ben Wolfgram is the co-owner of that company. The company provides its services in the novelty glassware that is embedded with bullet to give it a look like if it has been a target to the shoot. Wolfgram is a famous company in its niche and it has got a number of total 16 full-time employees who are providing their excellent services to the company.

Some of those full-time employees are those who haven’t even fired a gun in their life times and that is really going to be a new experience for them. He said that this is an initiative and all the employees seem to be really excited upon this step by the company. Initially, there were two employees who declined this idea of guns but still the idea is under consideration and there are the maximum chances that they’d agree upon this once they take the course for gun-safety offered by the company.

An interview was also taken of the employees in which the employee from green bells, Chelsea priest said that she feels that once she will receive this gift of the gun, she will become more empowered and she could be able to save herself.

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