Has Khloe Kardashian split from Tristan Thompson? Sources claim couple 'are done for good'

She has been soldiered on her romance with Tristan Thompson even when she got to know that he had cheated her several times while having a relationship with her. But now the situation is a bit different and it seems like as if Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have ended it all because various sources have confirmed this news and the reporters say that according to someone insider from the family, they have done this for something good and perhaps this would really be very surprising to somehow for the fans of Kardashians for the people especially who have recently noted that how Khloe had moved back to Los Angeles with her daughter.

Indeed one thing is clear that this issue has been started from mid January because she wasn’t seen with Tristan from that time.  On Saturday when she celebrated the birthday of Stormi Webster, her niece, he wasn’t on her side while that was her niece’s first birthday party where all the friends and family members were invited. Other than this, on Thursday, on Valentine’s Day, she had been found celebrating not with errant lover.  Keeping up with Khloe as a star, she was really left in a devastated situation when she had been cheated by her partner before she was about to give birth to their daughter who now is of 10 months of age. This has been revealed by various sources that in April he was found closer to some other woman.

However Khloe remained with Tristan to allow him for the birth of their baby girl and even she decided to stay with him after that.  But she had to rewatch the difficult time again at the recent series of her reality show which granted a chance to Khloe to feel all what has happened. She in front of reporters has recently admitted that whatever Tristan did was totally disgusted but they are in a process to work through their problems and it needs so many helpful hours. However Tristan is found to be back on his road with his team and Khloe is now a single mom’s life.






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