Hurrican wiped Hawaii from map

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Species in Danger

There has been a hurricane earlier this month due to which an essential part of the Hawaiian Islands has been erased from the map and has been washed away because of that power hurricane. It has already been confirmed by the researchers that Hurricane Walaka has made a serious damage to the East Island that is situated in the French Frigate Shoals. This hurricane was really powerful and it was the category 4 storm which roared over the islands. The recent satellite images that have been got by the researchers, a lot of necessary changes have been done to the French Frigate Shoals after this terrific storm. Statement was given by Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument which shows that the Images really are the proof of the alterations which have been done to the island and it seems that the East Island is now below the water. There were minimum seven researchers who were evacuated from the island when the storm approached in the beginning of the month.

The French Frigate Shoals researchers were monitoring and studying about the green turtles and the monk seals in the mid of October in that Island at the time when Hurricane approached there. In the statement given, Papahanaumokuakea Marine Monument also said that both of the East Island and Tern have equal importance regarding the nesting grounds for the sea turtles who are threatened and also the pupping grounds for the scarce monk seals.

Chip Fletcher who is the climate scientist at the University of Hawaii told Honolulu Beat that he thought that to be gone. He said that he felt that there would be just one more shrink for this planet to end. The scientist said that he had always known that this island would be ended by an ocean but he said that he was not expecting this to be occurring at least in some coming decades.  French Frigate Shoals is a place where there is the 95 percent population of the Hawaiian green sea turtles and they are classified to be threatened under the scarce species act. The turtles lay their eggs in sand by being in the holes they dig for themselves on the beach so now there is a possibility that this hurricane may have wiped out their nests. The statement also revealed that the work is being done by the co-managers of the monument to develop a better understanding of the implications for the wildlife and for cultural resources, the protected species and their habitat with this Monument.


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