Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista has been in the news now for a while and is having some seriously good time. She conquered the Paris haute conture week and was everywhere in the event after which the glam model and actress was featured on Harper’s Bazaar which presented her as a real life crazy and rich Asian female. Recently, the actress has revealed that she is the new endorser of the lavish French bag label Sequoia.

In an interview with the preview, she states that it all began because she possessed a special taste for bags. So, she began sharing her bags over the social media where many people enquired about the bags from the respective companies. The label went curious about Heart and the find that she had a decent taste for the products. To top it all, she was trending recently and they learnt about her going to fashion weeks regularly. So, it urged them to get the Filipina actress and make her the brand ambassador.



In last July, Heart got a chance to fly to Paris with her local glam team where they had a shoot with Sequoia. She added that the trip was gone long and she was overwhelmed with the Harper’s Bazaar thing and soon she was called to be the brand ambassador which added up to the joy. She also expressed her love for the local team stating that she is very thankful that she god a chance to work with the Filipino team over there.

Recently, the brand’s social media has been taken away by the images of the star model. The actress has also stated that she will soon be seen in pictures that you find at the boutique along with Rue Saint Honore in Paris.

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