Heart Location

Heart is one of the organs inside the human body that has a purpose to act on to be able to carry on the body activities. The main purpose of this organ is to pump blood throughout the body. As every part of the body or every cell of the body needs energy which is found to be in blood stream, so heart plays an important role in making everything active by pumping blood back and forth. Heart has four chambers; each chamber is assigned with its own specific task like the first chamber of heart which is the right atrium must receive blood from the veins and pump or send it to the right ventricle.

The right ventricle is the second chamber, the task assigned to this chamber is that the right ventricle receives blood from the right atrium and then it is pumped or sent to the lungs where the blood is loaded with oxygen as Lungs is one of the organ inside the human body that is associated with taking oxygen in and carbon dioxide out.

The third chamber of the heart is the left atrium which receives the oxygenated blood from the lungs and then it pumps the blood to the left ventricle. The fourth chamber of the heart is the Left Ventricle which is also known to be the strongest chamber. Strongest chamber in terms of that this chamber pumps the blood which is oxygen rich blood, this oxygenated blood is pumped to the whole body. It is because of this chamber’s contractions that the blood pressure is calculated.

Where is the heart located

The location of the heart is also very important due to the nature of this organ. Heart if located behind the chest bone and is slightly left to the breast bone. There are number of coronary arteries which are on the surface of the heart and these arteries provide the oxygen rich blood to the muscles of the heart. There is a whole network of veins inside the heart through which messages in the form of complex signals are being sent and received which are associated with the contraction and relaxation. To protect the heart there is sort of a sac called the pericardium.

When we talk about the heart, its structure and its location there are also come traits that are in the form of diseases which can be fatal to the organ. Nowadays, some of these diseases are very common. The most common is the heart-attack which happens due to the excess of cholesterol, the cholesterol narrows down the arteries of the heart which supplies blood to the heart due to this reason the blood is blocked which causes a clot. This blockage is known as the heart-attack.

All these problems relate to the stiffness of the heart, contraction of the arteries which causes the heart not to pump blood properly to the whole body and even receive the blood to itself. This causes heartache and different organs are left out to receive blood which makes them damaged.

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