australia heatwave

Warning issued to Aussie tradies to take the rest of the week off work as the heatwave hits – and why your bosses are powerless to stop you

The Australian tradesmen are continuously being encouraged to take the week off from the work as there is the scorching heatwave in the country.  The Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the northern territory all are those areas which have been facing the severely hot temperatures from the last week. Despite there has been a cool change in the last weekend which has offered a brief respite but still the mercury is there to settle up and to be turned up once again and there would be the highs to roast it up more even to 46C.


Well it is expected that there would be the extreme temperatures to last until Saturday in Australia.  The workers also have been advised that they are in their rights to stop working whatever they have been doing till the mercury level reaches 35C and at that time even the bosses if are stopping you, they are powerless.

The mining, forestry, construction, Maritime and energy union at the international level is telling the 100,00 plus member of it to ignore working at the situations when there is so heat.  Once the temperature increases to 35C and the humidity level reaches 75percent, the workers would be granted with an order to cessation of their work and for the preparation of the critical tasks that currently are under their way.

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