High School Robotics Built a Customized Toy Car For 2-Year-Old Handicapped

A 2-year-old couldn’t walk on his own. So a high school robotics team built him a customized toy car

Thanks to the students of the Farmington high school because of them Cillian Jackson has got around even easily. Because of the genetic condition of Cillian Jackson of age 2, he cannot walk. But he being the Minnesota boy is now been into motoring around in styles and the great thanks is for the students who have been enterprising throughout in the high school. This all got a start with the physical therapist of Cellian when he told the parents of his about the GO baby Go program which basically provides the modified car toys for the children who have limited level of mobility in their lives.

They then had a look in to that but there wasn’t any Go baby Go chapter closer the family home of the Jackson in Farmington while they also motorized the wheelchairs which couldn’t be costly more than $1,000. So the parents would be turned to the robotics team which is there at the Farmington high school and they asked them that if their students would be in a position to be willing for taking active part in the project. 

The challenge was accepted by the students there and they used models and plans from the go baby go while in the meantime they got the chance to do work which modified the power wheels for the toy car to have a fitting with little Cillian and grant him a chance to feel free in all of his to be done movements.



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