Explosive sent to obama and clinton

Hillary Clinton, CNN and Obama received Explosive devices

On Wednesday, a suspicious package has been found by the law enforcement that has been send to the Vice President Joe Biden which made him really the potential target of the suspected Bomb Attacks. It has been reported that for authorities that package would be the eighth in the list which are still found in the government’s domestic terrorism investigation. That device which is send to the Vice President is somehow similar to that which was sent to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and CNN news some days ago. According to the statements given by the officials, two suspicious packages have previously been addressed to D-calif and Rep. Maxine and those packages seem to be safe as those explosive devices which were sent to the former president Barack Obama and some other important democratic figures in Washington and the New York.

Those packages which were mailed in envelopes were then sent to the FBI labs for further detection and FBI confirmed that those packages contained explosive devices. The officials also said that it might be possible that there are some other additional packages that later on could be sent to some other locations. They warned the public to remain vigilant. The FBI has advised the general public to stay active and vigilant and don’t open, move or handle any package that they find to be suspicious or those which are unknown. In a statement revealed on Wednesday evening, FBI said asked general public to contact FBI in case they have any information of such regard and people should not hesitate to call anytime regarding any piece of information that someone may have to help the FBI in investigation.

The statements are also made by the law enforcement officials who said that preliminary information have been gained by the construction and composition of those explosive devices which led the investigation to the intension of the senders that they wanted to kill or maim. While there were also some devices which were sent in the envelopes having stamps but still the authorities are not in belief that US postal service have delivered them. Soon this mystery would be uncovered. The package which contained an explosive device was sent to Hillary Clinton at the Tuesday night was first received by the Secret service just before it could reach her home and according to the source, before it could reach the target, it was discovered and was then screened away from the residence.



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