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“I’d like to be President”: Hillary Clinton expresses her desire

Hillary Clinton, the failed presidential candidate by Democratic party, stated that she would ‘like to be president’ as she was present at the live taping of recode decode. At the 92nd Street Y of New York City, she said that “I’d like to be president,” “I think, hopefully, when we have a Democrat in the oval office in January 2021, there’s gonna be so much work to be done.”

She was questioned by Kara about if she was the part of heavy lifting to which she replied that she doesn’t have any idea and neither she plans on thinking about it as the eyes are all set on the 6th November elections.

Back in 2016, against the current president Donald Trump, who secured 232 electoral votes, Hillary Clinton only managed to secure 232. Ultimately, the Democrat candidate ended up with 19 and a half states whereas the Republican candidate ended up with 30 and a half states.

The return of Hillary Clinton

The return of Hillary Clinton and labelling of herself as the potential presidential candidate in 2020, the critics state that the timing of it cannot be worse. Right now, Democratic Party is working hard to win the midterm elections to gain House majority which would be for the first time in about a decade. However, with the campaigns and work being done in leading weeks, it can be anyone’s game now.

Although Clinton is doing everything she can to help out the Democrats, her role in midterm campaign trail isn’t too significant to be noted. However, inserting herself into the debate with presidential candidate from Democrats in 2020, she is spicing up some discussion prior to the elections of November 6th.

From the reports of NBC news, Jesse Hunt, who is a spokesman for National Republican Congressional Committee, stated that “The longer a scandal-plagued Hillary Clinton lingers in American politics, the worse off House Democrats will be.”

According to the Washington Examiner, a Democratic strategist, requesting anonymity due to the fear that he will be on political retribution list after giving this statement, said that “Hillary Clinton is the kiss of death and she represents the part of the Democratic Party that led to historic losses and that elected Donald Trump president.”

Apart from coming up with her thoughts and presenting herself as Democratic presidential candidate for 2020, the discussion included topics that were Russia, Facebook, and 2018 midterm elections.


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