Women protesting for abortion bill in ireland

‘Historic moment’ as abortion bill passes Irish parliament says CNN

The campaigners in Dublin had celebrated in May at the time when the Irish voters were supporting the legalization of abortion in a referendum. The prime minister of Ireland has been hailing a historic moments for the women in the county after a bill has been passed out to legalize abortion in the final stages of the parliament.

The bill now is going to e signed into by the president Michael D. Higgins which would be following a marathon debate in the upper house of the parliament on Thursday and it would further on come into force in January. Two thirds of the Irish voters have also agreed upon the amendment of the constitution and they had also allowed the access of the women to abortion the momentous and the referendum to be emotionally charged in May. Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister had thanked the bill’s supporters through a post on Twitter and has also commended the health minister Simon Harris so that he could steer the referendum through the parliament.

The bill has passed through the lower house of the parliament last week. Harris has tweeted last Thursday on Twitter writing that it is in their choices in the country to end the stigma and to support the choices of the women and to end the lonely journeys. Just about 200 days from now, the Ireland’s people have voted to repeal the 8th so that they could care for the women of their country with comparison to others.

That day there has been a passing out for the law to make this a reality and a vote for ending the lonely journeys and the stigma and to have complete support for the women. But the passage has also been the reason for prompting up various scandals so that they could target a regional office in the governing party of the Ireland overnight writing herods and baby killers on the wall.




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