How the story of The Hate U Give inspired Amandla Stenberg

How the story of The Hate U Give inspired Amandla Stenberg (and the rest of the cast) by EW

The story “The hate you give” shows the value of the saying “Black Liver Matter” because it revolves around the experiences that many black people are going through. The most emotional scene that was in the story was about the killing of a black teenager by a police officer which just like this there are many incidents being occurred in this country. In order to create that scene it was a sort of a message that is shown to the viewers about the importance of this movement. The audience has to understand the difficulties that this community has to go through and what is the main value of this movement.

The title of the story which is “The Hate You Give” is inspired by the acronym that was used by the late rapper “TUPAC” who raised his voice against the brutality of the black community through his rap music. The story has been written in such a way that it creates a deep understanding of the message to the viewers. There are also some other story lines that are connected with the main message is the involvement of drug usage along with that the dual lives that black teenagers go through in this community. One life is with their living with their parents to follow the traditions of black community while the other life is outside the home, in private school where the majority is white. So the story also shows the problems children go through in the educational institutions.

Through these different stories the audience can experience that what it feels like to walk in those peoples’ shoes, to constantly be aware of your surroundings and your words because every time their words are twisted to undermine their values. So this show highlights all the stories of violence, racism, living like an outsider in your own home town and country.

In this present age many movies and TV shows are being produced that tackle the issues that this country and as a whole this world has regarding racism. All these shows are trying to make their audience understand the values and hardships the black community goes through. It is also about empowering those people who lost their hope due to any incident regarding racism. It is about creating confidence and love for their own race and don’t be ashamed of their values.

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