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How to Make a Custom Bookmark?

How to Make a Custom Bookmark?

If you are one of those individuals who are knee-deep surrounded by books and novels and their habitat is basically a library, then you might be at the right place. If you do belong to the unique category of a literary creature, you might understand how absolutely crucial the physical form of a book is. The concept of an eBook or PDF might make you cringe because it just does not have the right feel to it, not to mention the aesthetic smell and aroma of the dusted pages. 

If so you do have an eye for such delicacies regarding books, you must also feel not to get the delicate pages of a book ruined by fold marking. Are you even a literary enthusiast if you do that? Looks more like a savage killer. However, we have a solution. 

Customized Bookmarks

Customized Bookmarks

Bookmarks are being used since the use of books. It can be anything thin enough to sit in-between the pages of the book but not leave an imprint or mark of its existence there. These are literally all the requirements for a bookmark. However, this is the time of customization and keeping things that are positive, motivating, and simply precious to you. Similarly, customized bookmarks are something that you or a reader friend of yours will absolutely adore as a gift.  

DIY Bookmarks

Diy Bookmarks


Yes, you can definitely purchase your custom-made bookmarks from various places, shops and even order them online. But what would really be more satisfactory than the one you have made all by yourself? Also, there are chances that you might not find just the right one anywhere but in your own head. 

  • Printable OnesPrinting OnesThere are several themes that you find on the internet and just cannot figure out a way to get it in your hand. Well, you literally can. Take a screenshot of the theme or any other printable design that attracts you and get it printed. Cut out a shape most feasible to you and your books, attach a ribbon, and voila! Done.
    There are also online printable bookmarks already made, for you to print and make good use of.
  • Beaded RibbonsBeaded RibbonsYour bookmark can be full of all kinds of bling. You can add plastic beads to the edge of a ribbon and flaunt it as a bookmark. Make sure to secure the beads at the very end of the stretched-out ribbons so that part extends the book, avoiding the pages not get ruined.
  • Pocket Bookmarks 

    Pocket Bookmark

    Pocket bookmarks are literally so easy to make and all you need is paper and some origami skills. You can search it up on the internet to make a pocket out of the paper by using the origami technique, draw a cute panda or any other animal figurine, or even your favorite fictional character. Now place it on the corner of a few of your pages, the front of the bookmark faced on the page you want to be marked.
    There are tons of ideas to get creative with bookmarks, it only requires a little motivation and creativity.

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