Huge Iceberg Likely To Hit in Greenland

The iceberg is approaching towards the houses on the point located in the village, but it has been dealt with by the authorities’ reports the media.

An iceberg can be explained as a huge piece of ice that got separated from a huge glacier; it is shaped usually like a mountain and thus can come up as a great threat to nearby villages and to water ships and boats. This large object can be detected visually as well as by the radar; sonar can also be used to detect an iceberg. The cracking, popping and the squealing sound made by an iceberg can very easily be discovered from two kilometers away underwater.

A gigantic iceberg has floated very near to a village in western Greenland, which lead to the suddenly restricted emigration of the villagers from the places near to danger, in order to prevent any uneventful happening in case the iceberg ruptures resulting in producing a wave that can marsh the homes along.

Local Officials About Ice Berg

It has been said by the local officials that they have never encountered such a huge iceberg ever before. As the result of an earthquake at northwestern Greenland, four people died as the waves flooded the nearby houses.

Ritzau from Danish news agency reported that 169 residents of Inaarsuit village who were living close to the iceberg point were moved to a safe spot.

In an interview conducted by Sermitsiaq newspaper Sussane Eliassen ‘the member of the village council’, reported that there were many cracks and holes appeared in the iceberg which was likely to break anytime. She also reported that the power station of the village and the fuel tanks are placed very close to the shore.

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Warnings have come from the experts regarding the extremely uneventful risks from the iceberg to occur frequently from the change in climate. This will then lead to an increase in Tsunamis.

The scientists from the New York University have released a video footage in June regarding the massive rupture of the iceberg from the glacier in eastern Greenland.

The number of ice sheets in green land

  • The total area of ice; 1.799 million sq km
  • The total volume of ice; 2.99 million cu km
  • The mean thickness; 1673m
  • The thickest ice; 3488m


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