Hugh Jackman Confirms Work Has Begun On Greatest Showman Sequel

The Australian actor had a conversation with Radio 2 that was about another film which is the missing link and that is a new movie but when it was asked regarding the smash hit musical, jackman had told the reporters that Steve Wright was having the fans who have been waiting for and even that was a bit coy to give it a start. He said that the real answer is that it could be but he wasn’t actually sure and being totally honest he said that there is a lot of things that is been going around but he isn’t sure regarding some of them.

He continued that near him, there is needed to put more emphasis on what is going to be happen and he was doing whatever he had to in the show because there would be another version and that will be live.

He said that he isn’t sure and no one even is so this is typically the truth to be considered.  He added that in his views, there is someone who has been on the work to get the treatment of something which he knows that they would be on their works to get the treatment done.  However when he is being asked regarding if he will do that at the top of hat, he played the cards nearer to his chest.

He kept on saying that he didn’t know that he would be liking to become a part of that and he had no idea regarding if it would be something nearly related to his character.

He added that there is another thing and that is to take eight years more to be in the first movie which had been made and this really wasn’t easy for him to convince the people in eight major years of his life. He said that it takes a lot.  Well this isn’t for the first time that the X men actor have been there to express the wishes to get the call if that sequel has been played on cards.


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