Spiders even tiny is size are frightening creatures.

If anytime they come in front of you scuttling, your heart starts palpitating. This palpitation is there until the spider is there in front of you. But one the same time, someone posts a picture of a vast spider which is so threatening and monstrous in its looks. The film was posted of a huntsman spider in Australia.  The user Pomohomo82 uploaded this frightening photo. He added the caption “let’s be friends” on the photo. The Redditor added that this big spider jumped on the window of lounge and as soon as he jumped there was a noise and everyone was so scared and afraid. He further said that the spiders are normally the friends but that huge spider has made everyone afraid and that fear is acceptable. When someone asked Pomohome82 about the size of the picture, he said that the size of the spider was somewhat more than his hand and he is expected to have more growth. Redditor on this view of Pomohom82 commented this spider to be a cute one.

Someone also asked Pomohomo82 about what he is going to call that spider and also suggested the name “Shelob” for the spider as this name suits the beasts. Later on, Pomohome82 made a comment which states that he would not leave the spider alone and will take him to his yard where there are trees other bugs. He expects that the spider will move there happily with other creatures like him.

This shocking upload has also provoked the other people to upload stories and pictures like this. One person said that he was on a road journey with one of his friends who were afraid of creatures like spiders and suddenly he saw her frightening from the same animal was on the window. It was the same spider who was in the picture sitting on the window. He said he had to continue the drive and the spider slowly crawled towards the front of the car. Until he stopped to lift the bonnet, the spider vanished. Ansell another user uploaded the pictures and video of a big spider, and she nicknamed it as Aragog. Aragog was Hagrid’s pet in the movie Harry Potter. Lauren saw a massive spider at their home at the glass door. He said that he didn’t want to kill it and he is still alive.

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