IBM unveils its first commercial quantum computer

IBM today has announced its first quantum computer for the commercial use especially for the purpose to be used as outside the lab. And that is actually been made under a 12 qubit system according to which there would be some classical parts to the computer and the rest would be the single quantum parts which are used in a machine in the uses like machine operations, businesses and research purposes.

The package is called as the IBM Q system and it is basically a huge set up which includes almost everything which a company could ever want from a quantum computer and its working and all the necessary tools for quantum computing are there.

IBM describes this computer to be their first integration in this series and this is really going to be the universally accepted computer that is simply scientifically designed to be used for the commercial purposes and that is now of worth in a 20-qubit machine which is more powerful than other random computer systems and the application because the quantum computers have more qubits and these qubits are regarded to be useful even they are more than the 100 microseconds and there is now surprise for the situation that IBM there is stressing over that it is certainly the first attempt of the company to design such a masterpiece and they are sure that it would be a huge success for the company and for the brand too as it is basically designed to solve and handle those issues which he normal people cannot on their level and even the regular computers have such issues beyond their systematic limitations.

This computer is basically designed to solve those problems which couldn’t be solved by the simple systems and the company also states that this quantum computer holds the system which is till upgradable and could be changed for positive changes and could be easily maintained.

The senior vice president and the director of the IBM research had some words regarding this and he said that this IBM Q system one is like a great step for commercializing the quantum computers although this system could be a bit more systematic for the computing issues and they are also sometimes beyond the research walls and lab but still if these are practically implemented, it is really going to help the system issues for sure.

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