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Hillary Clinton triggers a debate by saying ‘I’d like to be president’ at a NYC event

At an event last Friday, on the New York City’s 92nd Street Y, Hillary Clinton told the audience that she would like to be the president.

The comments made at the discussion triggered a huge debate that Hillary Clinton, who was Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 and failed against the Republicans’ nominee Donald Trump, may run for the seat of president again in 2020. However, following the discussion, she said that she don’t want to do it but that doesn’t suggest by any means she won’t be considering it in future.

Referring to the post, Clinton said that he worked for 8 years in Senate and also worked as the Secretary of State under the commands of former President Barack Obama. All this experience makes her more than qualified for the seat.

However, the thoughts are put on hold as right now she if focusing on the midterm elections that will be held on 6th November.

Clinton has made quite a few public appearances in past few months and is labelled as a person who is outspoken critic, taking the shots at current President Donald Trump.

At the start of this month, Phillipe Reines, who is Clinton’s adviser since a long time, came up with the comments made to Martha MacCallum of Fox News, stating that “I’m not saying she’s going to run,” “I think the odds are probably in the Powerball range.”

Once the midterm elections are over, Hillary Clinton is set to have a tour of 13 cities along with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as they would roam around the states to discuss the current affairs as well as politics.

The comments have certainly triggered a huge debate and put up decent spotlight on Clinton before midterm elections and can be the difference maker in coming elections.


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