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The Kingdom Heart fans have been waiting for the new game for the time and this wait is now about to over as because the Square Enix has a surprise for his players who have been waiting patiently since so long. New game Kingdom Hearts III is going to be a big flash hit as the number of Disney movie starts are going to lend their voices to the game characters of Kingdom Hearts III. So for the game lovers, not only their wait is over but there is an amazing surprise that in the game they’ll be going to hear the voices of their most favorite Disney stars.

Idina Menzel

Kingdom Hearts III

The game Kingdom Hearts III will finally drop in the year 2019 on 29th January and the Disney stars who are going to lend their voices to the game characters include John Ratzenberger who played Hamm in the Toy Story, Kevin R. McNally who played the role of Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Tate Donovan who played Hercules and Wallace Shawn who played Rex in the Toy story. The other voices will be lent by Zachay Levi who played the role of Flynn and Donna Murphy who was Mother Gethel in the Tangled, Frozen’s Kristen Bell who played Anna, Jonathan Groff who played Kistoff, Josh Glad who was Olaf and Idina Menzal who played the character of Elsa all these can be heard in the game once after it has been released.

Zachay Levi
Zachay Levi

Donald and Goofy

This game would also be having an added touch of Disney for the fan players and for adding this Disney touch, Bill Farmer, Tony Anselmo, Haley Joel Osment will be reprising the voices of Goofy, Donald Duck, and the Sora respectively. Donald and Goofy are shown to be on a mission to save the Disney world from darkness. Especially for the non-gamers, to give them some basic context, Kingdom Heart II was available in the stores in the year 2005 in December. And until the Disney’s Final Fantasy’s third chapter was released, that would now be almost 13 years. Kingdom Hearts III is going to be a big hit even more than its previous version and there are a lot of reasons behind this but the main among all are the use of Disney celebrities’ voices for the game characters.

This Kingdom Hearts III would also be available on Xbox and PlayStation.


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