Inconclusive Brett Kavanaugh Investigation By FBI Public View

The FBI investigation regarding the case of Brett Kavanaugh is expected to be wrapped up soon.  But according to the expert’s views, this case of investigation is going to be less convincing than public may think. This is so because of the work’s nature of the agents. This investigation check isn’t like those which are regular. It is not a criminal investigation yet it is more than the historical check of the claims of sexual misconduct which are marked on Kavanaugh. Although the techniques and treatments are somehow the same but according to the FBI’s official’s statement to TIME, there is the distinction between these two cases and that distinction is important to understand.

FBI crime investigation division

Ronld Hosko, the former assistant director at FBI crime investigation division said that FBI is held responsible for conducting the routine crime security probes.  He said that FBI selects the path of investigation according to the guidelines for such types of investigations so that they are not controlled by Congress or the White House. Background services are the special sort of services which are provided by the FBI separately like they conducted by the bureau by hiring separate potential agents. Especially when there is a case of political nominees or appointees, Bureau is used by the White House to examine them.  Hosko said that in such situations, the White House acts as a client and FBI works as contractor.

When the Republican, Sen. Jeff Flake said that he will only vote for Kavanaugh if he is settled free from this case, then the White House ordered FBI for further investigation in this regard with an instruction that this investigation must not take time more than one week. It’s like a protocol which Kavanaugh got for six times in his time span of being a federal judge. In normal cases, FBI’s basic investigation starts from knowing about the person’s criminal records, financial history, employment patterns, usage of alcohol and drugs and about his personal relationships from start of time till now.  But this case is bit different from the normal ones as here the power of FBI is held limited in some specific subjects to hold background investigations.

The former executive assistant at FBI, Bob Anderson said that in normal criminal investigations, they go out and talk to people, even they want to talk or not they have to because FBI has got such power by which they can compel people to talk with them but in this case there is no such situation.


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