Innovation with Chinese Characteristics

This a very good morning form the Guangzhou China that we are here in few hours to simply kick of the fortune global tech forum that is now two days more for the star-studded discussion about how the technological transformation in china would have impact over the world. We are now going to take a deep dive in the most popular topic and that is the fourth industrial revolution.

There is big data and huge evidences some of which have been gathered from the internet based things and the smart cities and artificial intelligence of the robotic advances in the industrial field. The technological rise in China and the innovation which it has made being a superpower would be there to create recurring theme. The lively session would be entitled by the fortune president Alan Murray with the title Escaping Thucydides which will focus on the China-U.S tech tensions. The fortune editor in chief Clifton leaf is going to moderate another pondering globalization fate. Adam will always be everywhere sometimes on the lead with Neil Shen being the king midas of the investing in China Tech.

It has been a time since we have been convening the days that would be rising ahead for a high-profile dinner meeting to be held in the Buenos Aires among Xi-Jinping and Donald Trump where the subject would be taken as the rise of China to be the top agency.

In the past some weeks, there are the markets which have careened wildly for the speculations for whether the world’s top economies being the leader would now put a call back for trade ahead of that which happened in January providing a deadline where Trump has threatened to Chinese imports making a new round objections for the tariffs. These outlooks that have been made recently aren’t encouraging.

You shouldn’t now miss the interview of Donald Trump which is going to be showcased on my old wall street journal about China in which Trump would declare it to be highly unlike that XI and he would agree on. Somehow the biggest tech story about the China in this week is about the health sector where a He Jiankui who is the Chinese researcher has claimed to produce the first genetically edited babies of the world. He has been working out in a Shenzhen Hospital where he used a latest and a powerful tool named as CRISPR which is used to alert the genes in human embryos.


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