Instagram Insane

The “self-made” billionaire Kylie Jenner is another example of how the rich get richer. Kylie Jenner earns approximately $1 million from every sponsored post she shares on her Instagram account. She has 111 million followers on Instagram which clearly shows how famous she is at such a young age. She makes more money than Selena Gomez, who  not so surprisingly has more followers than Kylie Jenner, and earns an estimated amount of $800,000. Shill Puma and Coach online, despite having a higher number of followers, i.e. 139 million, still fail to beat Kylie Jenner. The same story applies to Real Madrid, Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo, is reported to earn $750,000 to promote stuff like SleepScore and SixPad due to his 137 million followers on Instagram.

Instagram Insane

According to Instagram scheduling tool Hopper HQ, it lowered the rate per post if Instagram’s most popular influencers keeping in mind a couple of aspects such as the number of followers they have, their level of engagement on their account, their influencer category, their audience and the influencer status they have achieved.

Other influential stars that have made it to the top 10 Hopper HQ’s highest paid social media earners are,  Beyoncé with ($700k per post), Kim Kardashian ($720k per post), Justin Bieber ($630k per post), Kendall Jenner ($500k per post), Neymar da Silva Santos Junior ($600k per post), Dwayne Johnson ($650k per post), and Lionel Messi ($500k per post).

You might find it less logical and more strange when brands want to pay such a huge amount of money just for celebrities to slightly mention or post a picture of their weird tooth whiteners on their Instagram. The industry thinks it works so it might do. No doubt, the present generation is likely to copy their ideals and also will want to use the same products as their ideals do. There is a reason they are called influencers and not ordinary people. Zach King, for instance, was reported to have been paid almost $30k to mention Oreos to one of his posts. This can be mind-boggling for most of us but it is true that we do look upon celebrities for most of our choices and that’s fine in most of the cases.

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The entire lifestyle influencer category on the Hopper HQ is both inspiring and deeply ponderable.

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