a giant asteroid is coming towards Earth

Breaking News 27th August 2018: It may excite you or it may scare you, but the scientists reveal that an enormous space rock if heading straight for earth at the speed of 20,000 mph. Luckily, the experts believe that it will only skim past our planet and no harm will be done.

The asteroid is labelled as the 2016 NH23 and is believed to have a diameter anywhere between 230 feet to 525 feet. It may not sound much at first glance but to make it understandable for you, we would associate it with the Great Pyramid of Giza which is standing at the height of 451 feet. What are your thoughts now?

The distance of asteroid to earth will be close enough to have it listed on the ‘potentially hazard asteroid’ list of nasa.

According to the words of the US space agency, the asteroid is going to be closer to earth on 29th August and you might be interested in knowing how close it will be from earth. So, it is going to be at 0.03377 astronomical units which are equal to about three million miles from the earth.

Yes! You heard it right. It is three million miles from earth. But when it comes to space, it is as close as it gets because the sun we see every day shining above our heads is as far as 93 million miles away.

As per the words of Lindley Johnson, who is a planetary defense officer at NASA, there is nothing to worry about because the asteroid poses no risk to the habitants of earth.

Space.com also had something to tell use and they state: “This object is merely designated a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) because its orbit over time wings it within five million miles of Earth’s orbit, but there is nothing hazardous to Earth or even unique about this pass of the asteroid.”


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