Iraqi mother 25 gives a natural birth to six girls

Iraqi mother, 25, gives birth NATURALLY to six girls and one boy in the country’s first SEPTUPLET pregnancy – and the family now has TEN youngsters to look after!

The new Iraqi mother now is in good health after she gave natural birth to seven babies at a time and all the children are repeatedly doing well.  The 25 year old woman who hasn’t been named had given birth to seven children at a time in the Diyali province of eastern Iraq and this is supposed to be the very first case of septuplet in the Middle Eastern country.  One of the spokesmen of the local health department had released a statement which said that the woman who had given birth to six baby girls and one boy is perfectly fine with all her children perfectly healthy. Youssef Fadl, the children’s father said that he and his wife had not planned to make this much expansion to their family and now they have got 10 youngsters to take care of.

iraqi women & her 6 babies
iraqi women & her 6 babies

There are some other pictures too of the babies which show that how they have been found to be lying near each other after this historically remarkable birth and this case follows a case of the mother who gave birth to sextuplets who were three boys and three girls at the Saint George University Hospital situated at Lebanon.  Youssef Fadl, the father of the children and his wife also have not been considering of giving birth to more children but now unexpectedly they have ten youngsters to take care of them all.




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