Husnain Rashid ISIS terrorist jailed

The ISIS terrorist jailed for plotting murder over Prince George was stabbed by his fellow prisoners in Strangeways prison

An ISIS extremist named Husnain Rashid who had planned to poison Prince George has been attacked on the face by his inmates in the Strangeways prison located in Manchester.

The weapon the attacker used was modified through a tooth-brush with a razor blade embedded into it.

The 32-year-old culprit was reported to have a deep wound starting from his right ear.

A source straight out of the Strangeways prison told that,’There was blood all over his cell and the landing. Nobody likes him or what he did, like threatening that young royal lad and all the icecream stuff. We don’t tolerate that kind of thing in Strangeways.’

Husnain Rashid who has been behind the bars since at least 25 years, was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment when his condition was noticed.

A Ministry Of Justice spokesman reported that, ‘A prisoner received hospital treatment for minor injuries following an incident at HMP Manchester on Wednesday, June 25. An investigation is taking place.’

Husnain Rashid, who is from Nelson Lancashire, altered his plea of guilty when the trials were taking place at Woolwich Crown Court.

ISIS terrorist Husnain Rashid thought Telegram was secure enough, so group chatted with his incite members to plot murder on the heir of the throne, Prince George. The plan was to target the Prince at his school, Thomas’s which is situated in Battersea.

Following the baleful attack outside the Besiktas’s ground in Turkey, Husnain Rashid posted his opinion of which British football stadium should be their next target.

Prosecutors have the opinion that ISIS terrorist Husnain Rashid promoted terrorism through the photographs he posted. He posted his suggestions of using tools like, knives, poison, and bombs during attacks. The  photograph he posted online was comprised of the Prince present at his school wearing his school bag and a blue coat, the picture also had a two-dimensional outline around two masked jihad fighters which were actually super-imposed to the image. This represented both the target and the ones who had to perform the attack.

Prince george murder attempt

Another image he shared says, “The war has just begun, O kuffar, you facing an army who loves death as you love your life”.

This clearly shows how determined he is, and how his mind has been washed against the non-muslims.


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