The long-serving cartoonist for Israeli magazine has been fired from the job for portraying Benjamin Netanyahu and his partners as the pigs from the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. This book back than gained much popularity and is still known for the totalitarian Soviet Union concept.

The cartoon illustration was refereeing the prime minister of Israel and his partners taking the congratulatory selfie together after declaring the contentious law in parliament that shows more rights being given to the Jews than the minorities of the country.

The cartoon made by Avi Katz was a parody of the characters from the 1945 novella depicting the politicians for the Jerusalem report, which is an English language journal of Israel held by the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

The cartoon mentioned in the newspaper was quoted from the famous book which explained the story that revolves around animals living on a farm and they revolt against their human owner but eventually falls into the authoritarianism themselves.

 The book animal farm was inspired by the totalitarian Soviet Union at the beginning of 20th century under the command of Joseph Stalin, in the book after revolting the human owner the pig promises equal distribution to all but they end up declaring themselves as the privileged space above all.

The publication of this quoted cartoon in the periodical magazine of Israel met the online support but it also gathered anger by many people on social media, many proposed the pig portrayal of politicians as a discrimination against Jews as pigs are considered forbidden in Judaism

Avi Katz works as a freelancing cartoonist for the Jerusalem post taking in consideration the editorials. And now the times of Israel says that they will not continue their relationship with Katz.

In favor of Katz, the union of journalists in Israel has started a protest and demand to withdraw this step of firing Katz from the job, Katz’s colleague has resigned from the job in protest.

The short fiction author from Jerusalem report Hain Watzman has shared his letter of resignation on Facebook explaining he is not in favor of working in affirm that dumps the writer only because some reader didn’t like his work.

Journalism when performed in a right manner always gain positive as well as negative recognition, and it is the responsibility of the editors and managers of the magazine to stand by the writers against the reader’s complaints about the content says Watzman.



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