Israeli Scientists Say They Will Have a Complete Cure for Cancer within a Year

It doesn’t look like to be impossible what’s being said till now seems to be true. There is a small team of the Israeli scientists who have been telling the world that the way to completely cure the cancer in just one year is now found. The post regarding this was actually reported on Monday.

Not only this, they are calming the situation that they will be brief, effective and cheap which would be having no side-effects at all.  The chairman of the board of accelerated evolution biotechnologies LTD which was actually founded on the year 2000, Dan Aridor said that they now believe that they would soon be offering the cure for cancer to be just happened within a year.

A biopharmaceutical company that is at its development stage, has been engaged in the development and the discovery of the therapeutic peptides. AEBi has also developed the soap that is a platform having the combinational biology screening technology that is full with the functional leads and that is agonist, antagonist and inhibitor and that really is a difficult target.  Aridor added that this cancer cure would be very effective from the first day and this is something which would have its last duration for the few weeks and it will not have even a minimal side-effect that has the lowest costs which is most of the times better than the other available treatments in the market. The solutions which will be provided by them would be even personal and generic.

This process would be called as MuTaTo which is a multi-target toxin and according to what the researchers have found till now, this is an on the scale antibiotic for cancel and this is a technology for disruption and is actually of the highest order in value. The development is done by the AEBi which would be under the leadership of the CEO Dr. Ilan Morad being the most potential game changer in the world-wide fight that is against cancer and it would use the combination of the peptides which are cancer targeting and that is a toxin which specifically kills cancer.



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