Italy bans unvaccinated children from school

There is new ban on the Italian children according to which they have to prove that they are vaccinated if they want to be in school and if they aren’t, they won’t show up in school then. There is a deadline too which makes the vaccination compulsory for all the students. The parents of the unvaccinated children if they come to school would be fined with $560 and the children who are under age six would be turned away.  There is a new case that is in amid a surge in measles cases but according to the statements of the Italian officials, the vaccination rates tend to have improved from the time they were initially introduced.

There is an Italian law naming Lorenzin Law which basically was named on the name of the former health minister who was the introducer of the vaccine and according to the law, the children are required to take a range of compulsory immunizations before they could start attending their school. The vaccination isn’t of single category yet it contains measles, rubella, mumps and chickenpox. The children who would not show their vaccination proof and are more than of age 6 of years would simply not be allowed to sit in kindergarten and nursery. The students who are under age 16 would not be allowed to attend school and their parents would also be fined because vaccination now is mandatory.  This compulsion of vaccination really is going to be impactful because of the new rules.



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