It’s now the end of an era of the series ‘Orange is the New Black’

It has been officially announced by the Netflix that it is now canceling the Orange is the new black season. This is really a surprising message that was recently revealed on a social media platform as a message. It was one of the very first original shows by the Netflix and it was basically the Jenji Kohan Series which is based on the memoir by the Piper Kerman. This season basically explore the lives of the women who are imprisoned. This season was included in the oldest shows of Netflix and it is reason why Netflix is considered in as the Prestige TV.

The tweet was made by the official account of the orange is the new black this Wednesday. The tweet which was shared by the account had a statement written with the indication of warning stating that this tweet would make you cry. This message also accompanied the video of the cast of this series and the cast included Uzo Aduba, Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling and Dasha Polanco. Though this news would be really sad and upsetting for the fans who are accompanying the women if the Litchfield since the year 2013. They are going to return to the prison once again just before this show bows out. The seventh season of the show would go to be a big hit in the year 2019 and it is also hoped that it would be the storyline of a lot of fans. In the sixth season which was also a big hit, Piper released early from the season and it looked like she is going to write a book about the experiences which she learnt over time.

Well this still is a question that whether the fictional Piper is going to write her version of Orange is the new black in the memorial and whether it would be inspiring as a Netflix series at the first place or not. If it becomes the big hit, then what the Piper is really going to write which would make it a hit and pretty different from many present series and from other experiences.  In the end of the series, Kohan gave a statement that he is going to miss all the ladies of Litchfield and the amazing crew with whom he had worked for so long. He said that now after the seven seasons which he has done, it is the time to be released from imprison.


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