Ivan Drago in Creed II Trailer

The trailer for the new upcoming film Creed II has been landed and it is looking amazing. People have loved the trailer and they are anxiously waiting for the movie to come. The first trailer was released in June and by the son of Ivan’s Drago, Victor Drago as the opponent of Adonis Creed, the fans have been waiting for so long to get any more or further information about what is coming in the sequel next. It is actually a boxing drama that has been directed by Steven Caple and the story was written by Cheo Hodari Coker and Sylvester Stallone. The fans are going to see the return of Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, Apollo Creed’s son.

In the previous film, there was the fight against Pretty; in this sequel, Adonis will be continuing the training under Rocky Balboa to have a brutal fight against Drago. Tessa Thompson will also return as Bianca as Adonis’ love. This new amazing trailer is full of a listing of emotions and those emotions include hope, anger, happiness, vengeance and much more.

Creed II Expectations

This film is really going to be a super hit and a rollercoaster for the viewers. In the video of a trailer, Adonis is showed to take training from Rocky who is his father-figure mentor. Ricky is shown adamant to not see Creed fall like his dad. The whole thing about the training seems like the complete Rocky-style training and these training highlights are more than enough for the fans to get excited about the upcoming dramas and fights in the sequel. And the fans would remain in this excitement until this sequel has been released and shown in the theaters. The stressed history that has been between Drago and Rocky goes back to the Rocky IV and it was made in the days of cold war.

Creed II Trailer Reviews

Just one day before the trailer was released; a teaser was dropped for the fans that were enough to make them exciting and curious for the trailer and also for the upcoming film.  There is also an official synopsis from Warner Brothers and MGM which reads that for Adonis Creed life is nothing more than a balancing act where he has to balance in between his personal life and his training session. He is ready against the challenge of his life.

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