Trump says ‘no one more competent in the world’ than daughter Ivanka to replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador

According to the statement of Donald Trump, no one could be more eligible in the world to become the next US ambassador of the United Nations than his daughter Ivana Trump. He spoke about his daughter infront of the media in the White House Lawn and he called his daughter to be his dynamite. Trump in his discussion with media, told the reporters that there is the discussion about a 36 years old person for the post because if he selects his daughter, people will call it to be favoritism.

This position was not free from start but it became available for the hiring when Nikki Haley announced that she is resigning from her post and she will leave the administration at the end of the year 2018. Mr. Trump in front of the media was discussing the potential replacements and he appeared to be energetic and enthusiastic for his daughter abilities and suitability for this post.

He asked the media about how good it will be to give this post to his daughter Ivanka. He said that this all is more about the favoritism for the people especially who know that Ivanka for this post would be the best to select. He said that he would be accused for favoritism even if there is no competition in the world left behind. Even though Ivanka’s father had given so many recommendations but still then later on she ruled herself out of this job. She also tweeted about this that there should be the nomination of an alarming replacement and her father will make a replacement and that replacement wouldn’t really be her. Trump had a meeting with Ms Haley in the Oval Office White House where Trump referred her to be a special person. Trump also said that he knew this from past 6 months that she might be wanting sometime to spend with her family so she will take a break from this job. In turn she also paid tribute to Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband as they both are her presidential advisers. She once said that there are so many good things about Ivanka and Jared that she can’t even explain enough. She said that Jared is simply a genius that no one can normally understand. Ivanka has always been a great friend of her.

Courtesy: Nikki Haley resigns as US Ambassador to UN amid expenses controversy


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