Jacksonville Shooting

ON Sunday, in what has been a horrific shooting at the Jacksonville video game tournament, two people died and several were injured.

The gamer, Ryen Aleman, was completely absorbed by the virtual environment in front of him as he realized that the sound of bullets he was hearing was nothing from the game but actually from his surroundings. So, he ducked immediately, abandoning everything, and ran towards the restroom with whatever he got in him to take the cover.

This is considered as another mass event in Florida, aimed at a video game tournament, where players that had a good command on American football video game, were invited to take part. The winners of this tournament would go on further to be a part of a higher level tournament which was to be held in Las Vegas this October, giving them a chance to win some solid cash prizes.

The Jacksonville Landing Complex was hosting the players for the game ‘madden,’ which is an open air market place surrounded by several shops along the St. Johns River.

The shooting came from David Katz, who is a 24 year old individual also associated with the world of gaming and comes from Baltimore, Maryland. His purpose of coming here was to be a part of GHLF Game Bar tournament and was sitting in the back of a pizza restaurant where he is believed to have brought a gun alongside. On Sunday, he brought a gun along with him and opened fire at the individuals that were present at the venue. After that, he pointed gun towards himself and it was all done there.

The incident led to the death of two individuals while 9 suffered bullet wounds and two were injured as they ran for the cover. As per the words from sheriff Williams, the victims are in a stable condition and received treatment at a local hospital.

The game was streaming online at Twitch when the stream stopped all of a sudden, after some gun shots were heard. The screams were all over the place as one person cried in pain, “Oh f**, what’d he shoot me with?”


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