James And Nadine Lives Together James Reveals Accidentally

James Reid And Nadine Lives Together, James Reveals Accidentally

The couple lives together:

James Reid appeared on Gandang Gabi Vice. On the show, he talked about the static sentiment kilig with Nadine Lustre even after being in a relationship for three years. He said to the audience which got delighted and  astonished after hearing this, “It doesn’t feel like three years. It’s been so fast. We live together, so… Oh, did you know that already? Okay, well, we live together.” The comment thus confirmed the rumor that spread two years ago. The rumor was that Nadine Lustre and James Reid were already living together. About this, Nadine Lustre neither admitted it nor expressed a denial. She just said, “Come on, guys, it’s 2017!” These were her words which got greatly famous.

In Vice Ganda’s show, James Reid tells, “Sometimes araw-araw kayong nagkikita and there’s no space. Sometimes you get too comfortable. But then there are days when she’s working and super busy. When she gets home, it’s like, yeah, we still really miss each other, kahit isang araw lang.”

James revealing the tidbits of his relationship:

There was another information that James Reid slipped out of his mouth on the show in front of the audience. I hope you remember their posts of the bathtub from their 3rd anniversary. James Reid confessed that while they took those pictures of each other, they were naked, and the reason he gave was that they were in a bathtub. After revealing this news, he said, “Was I supposed to say that? Sorry, love, sorry.”

The Kuryentanong Challenge:

During the challenge of Kuryentanong, the lie detector in the show makes it clear that James Reid does not feel possessive or jealous of other guys when they’re around Nadine Lustre, and also that when she isn’t around him, he does check out other females. He claims that the latter is wrong. But, says, “As a guy, sometimes you see a girl that’s really pretty, but it’s not like I’m going to stalk her or something like that. Because I’m in a relationship, I try my best not to give Nadine any reason to feel jealous.” That statement was something to go Aww! He maintains, like a good boyfriend, that he doesn’t want her girlfriend Nadine Lustre the reason to feel possessive or jealous of any other girl because of him.

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