Janet Jackson, Def Leppard, and more nominated for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

There is now a list for the new ones who are going to be induced in the hallowed institute of music history and this list is brought by the year’s batch of the Rock and Roll hall of fame nominees. A formal but a necessary reminder here is that there are still some folks in there who are not yet officially inducted. Janet Jackson who had been a pioneer performer behind the Made for Now had been a nomination for a lot of times in the Hall of Fame and every time she got snub.


She is again the nomination for the current year although in past, her brother Michael Jackson was inducted in the year 2001 and there was also his fellow influencer naming Madonna who was inducted in the year 2008. Well, this is not sure that if it would finally be her time or not. The Zombies, Kraftwerk, and LL Cool, all these have been the nomination for a lot of times before but till now they have never been inducted. The latest nomination which they have got is for the class of 2019 which comes alongside with the Def Leppard, Stevie Nicks, Devo, John Prine, Radio head, MC5, Roxy Music, Rage against the music, the cure, chaka khan featured by rufus, Todd Rundgren and The Zombies.

Roxy Music Nicks which was a solo performer, Devo, Rundgren and Prine all are nominated for the first time and they haven’t been nominated from their start till now.

There includes total number of 1000 historians, insiders from the music industry and artists for a voting body to make the decision about the inductees who are finally going to be announced formally till this December. The fans if want, could also participate by being there online on the website rockhall.com and they can cast their votes for the artists they think to be most deserving and the most capable. The number of the votes per day are limited and the voting can be done online till it’s 12 at night on 9th December, as after the voting, there would be decision. Those votes which would be casted by the fans and followers online would then be tallied as fans ballot and then they will be factored along with the other ballots for the decision to be made in the 2019 class.

Courtesy: https://ew.com/music/2018/10/09/rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-nominees-2019/

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