Jayme Closs

Missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs found alive after she was kidnapped, parents murdered

A 13 year old girl who belonged to Wisconsin has been kidnapped after her parents had been found murdered at their home while they were alive in October according to the confirmed sources of police. The police says that Jayme Closs was reunited with her parents on Thursday night while she had been found in Gordon in Wisonsin. Her godmother Jennifer Smith and Jayme’s Aunt had told that they would be reunited to Jayme on Friday when she had been released from the hospital till the afternoon.

 jayme closs

Jayme Closs Recovery

Smith said that she could here that Jayme was fine and she is having recovery soon, she said that she would be meeting her with the FBI investigators on this Friday and all which she had known is that she ran from the spot where she had been kept after kidnapping and she saw a lady and dog walking where she asked from help from them.

Jayme Closs Care

The lady at that time asked Jayme her name and took her to the home of Peter and Kristin Kasinkas where she was offered with water and food and they called 911. On January 10, 2019 police had made a statement that Jayme of age 13 who had been kidnapped after her parents were murdered has found to be alive and fine.  Smith in her conversation with the reporters told them that they were happy because they kept on praying for Jayme to come back home and they had never lose hope and that’s going to be a happy night as Jayme is going to return home.

News about Jayme Closs

According to the news release, suspect for the incident has been taken into custody by the police and no other details or the information regarding the suspect have been disclosed by the police to prevent from any future issues. Smith said that she is really thankful for everyone who has helped in getting Jayme back to them.  A press conference is also scheduled by the authorities that are to be held on Friday on 11.am where this case would be thoroughly discussed.



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