On Wednesday, the General Attorney Jeff Sessions was fired by the President Donald Trump. Sessions also wrote a letter to John Kelly who’s the chief of staff at the White House in which he had written that he is now submitting his resignation at the request of John Kelley.

The president also had a statement in which he said that Matthew Whitaker would be there at the place of acting attorney general. It is now been high in expectations that Whitaker would take the charge of the Russian investigation and also as the special counsel Robert Mueller who belongs to the deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein. Exactly same as the sessions had, Whitaker was called to critically open upon Mueller and the Democrats and the investigation called him to immediately rescue him against the charges. Trump also did a tweet about it in which he wrote that they are pleased to now introduce the new Chief of the Attorney General staff for the Jeff sessions at the Justice Department to be Matthew G. Whitaker. He said that he is to become the acting attorney general for the US and that he would be good at the position to well serve the country. He also thanked Jeff Sessions for the services he had performed in his era.

He in his tweet mentioned that the permanent attorney would be announced later on. This move which was just taken by the Donald Trump seems to be immediate and abrupt for the tumultuous tenure in the sessions. Other than that, this is regarded as almost the earliest and the most loyal surrogate of Trump as an Alabama Republican sector. He was also supposed to be at the key spot who has been doing really very well to implement the vision of Trump for the US and also the one who importantly rolled back the policies which were previously been made in the era of Obama. Jeff sessions were supposed to be the enforcer in the Trump’s administration’s approach for hardline on his immigration and the regular praise which the president used to do so far. But still after those so many things, he somehow continued to do those tasks for the Trump’s agenda and their relationship also remained strained for a longer tenure of time. They also had fraught for several months regarding the investigation going on to Mueller.



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