Jennica Garcia encourages mothers to raise children gadget-free

Jennica Garcia, the natural parenting advocate and the actress is now in the process to encourage her fellow mothers so that they could raise their children free from gadgets by the time she had seen a change in her daughter Athena Mori. Garcia for encouraging other mothers also had shared a story of her daughter who was of age 3.5 years and the story involved that how Mori was able to keep herself busy and calm just by being amused into her part of imaginations.

She told that there was a huge difference between the times when once Mori used to cry and make scene in public at that time when she just wanted to play on cell phone. She said that she is truly in awe that how her daughter had managed to keep herself busy even without getting any sort of help from her or her tatay.  She on 21st March also had posted on Instagram writing that they were at a furniture store at that time when her daughter just with the help of her imaginations had turned a chair into a washing machine and she thought a candle stand to be a watering can and similarly she took her imaginations to a photo frame perceiving it a blackboard.

Even she was running her fingers on to it. She further shared that when her father told her that there is still some time to leave, she didn’t make any noise nor created any scene rather she patiently took her book to keep her busy and waited patiently.




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