Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson had an awesome time at the QVC FFANY shoes on sale which was held on Thursday. This event was actually held for breast cancer fundraising. She is pregnant and she made her baby bump debut on pink carpet that evening and she one of the biggest awards of that event. She is a famous shoe designer and is known for his numerous shoe designs and she has headed up a fashion empire of billions of dollars. She in the event received the award of New York’s fashion icon and her mother Tina Simpson presented her that award. She was a little hesitant to accept that award when she gets on the stage. Jessica is pregnant with her third child and when she got on the stage to receive the award, in her acceptance speech she said that she is really very humbled to receive that award and that she doesn’t understand that how she could be selected as a fashion icon and this seems to be crazy for her.

She said that she feels to be a bit young to get this owner and she really doesn’t know that what in real iconic is. She further said that she is very flattered and that is somehow a big understatement. She in the speech said that she is shocked that she got this award because she had no complex style motto yet she believed to follow her heart when it’s about fashion. She said that she believes in being herself and she always just does the right thing which her heart finds to be right. She said that if she speaks honestly, the beauty of a person comes from within and she feels good in her own skin and the clothes of her choice that covers her skin. She said that in this way she can best project herself.

The FFANY shoes event which was held this Thursday is one of the biggest charity projects in the shoe industry where 80,000 shoe pairs of designer brands went on sale and the 80 percent of the profits generated out of that sale is granted to the breast cancer education and research center. FFANY also held star studded gala for the celebration of the big event. Jessica on the staged also joked about her pregnancy hormones saying that she has got all the pregnancy hormones and she is very emotional. She calls that charity event to be remarkable because she in her family had experienced case like breast cancer.


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