Jewish Cemetery Desecrated in France

37 Tombstones Desecrated at in France

The French officials had paid their gratitude to a jewish cemetery which is situated near Strasbourg this Friday where there are 37 tombstones and a monument made for the holocaust victims which had been defaced with the anti-semitic and swastikas graffiti in the same week where a dead attack had been the reason to shook the whole nation.

After they have visited the cemetery in herrlisheim, the France’s interior minister had written on twitter that when a place where there is recollection is desecrated, the entire republic of that place is then sullied. He further wrote that everything is almost done to detain and identify the authors of the desecration which has been made.

 Well the authorities haven’t made any statement that if they have got any suspects in the vandalism that took place on the Monday night or might be in the Tuesday morning in Herrilisheim which is town of not more than 5000 people which is situated almost a few miles far from Strasbourg and is in the northeast corner of France.

The incident which had taken place has really brought a critical time for the who nation which according to the authorities has been called as a terrorist attack which happened at the Christmas Market situated in Strasbourg this Tuesday, this is like the yellow vest protest of all the recent weekends and further would be an increase in the anti-Semitic acts. The market attack which happened this week had killed four people and one had been left with his brain almost dead injured and the remaining 11 are those who are badly injured. Cherif Chekatt of age 29 had been the suspect and he was shot in head on Thursday night after he had been hunted by the French security forces.

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