Jewish nation state

Approval of the controversial bill by the Israel

The parliament of Israel has issued a law that is controversial in nature labeling the state as Jewish, and fueling the sentiments of anger among the Arabs who are in minority. According to the law of the nation state, Jews possess the right of being self-determined nationally and putting Hebrew above the Arabic language. Much furious reactions arose by the Arab MPs. The Prime Minister of Israel labelled the bill as a defining moment. There’s a great degree of threat regarding the alienation of the Arabs due to this law. The basic saying of the law is that Israel is the nation state of the Jews, and that they have a full right in their state. Jerusalem is redefined under this law as the capital of Israel.

The most controversial part of the law is prioritizing the Hebrew language over Arabic which has been, for many years, considered as a national language along with Hebrew. The law has a clause where it focuses on the significance of the settlement of Jewish community having a national importance. However, it hasn’t been clear yet that this also includes the settlement in the West Bank occupied by Israel.

Jewish nation state

Much debates regarding the status of Israel as a national state of Jews have been going on since a long time, but the matter has not come up in the law before now. According to some Israeli Jewish politicians, the foundation of Israel’s establishment, as a national homeland of Jews, is under a risk of being irrelevant and insignificant in the future. The factors which have urged the Israeli state to nationally belong to the Jews includes fears over the increasing birth-rate of Arabs living in Israel along with the two-state solution to the conflict among Palestinians and Israelis. It is believed that these factors could challenge the majority of Jews in Israel.

The law is of great significance since it is highly symbolic, and serves as a proof that Israel is lowering the status of the Arabs. Arabs make about twenty percent of the 9 million population of Israel, and recognize themselves with or as Palestinians. According to them, they have long been treated with discrimination and as second-class citizens in the main grounds of life such as housing, health, and education, though they possess equal rights under the law. Denunciation of the law has occurred by the civil rights groups and few critics which includes an Arab PM.

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