Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter asks the Georgia GOP candidate, a secretary of state, to resign

The Georgia governor’s race is getting hot as the former President Jimmy Carter steps in with a personal appeal. He requested Brian Kemp, who is representing the Republican party, to resign from his post of secretary of state. It is to assure that no harm is done to public confidence and the outcome of the coming election is fair and square, matched with the Democratic representative Stacey Abrams on equal terms.

The 94 year old Carter made this request on a letter that was sent on 22nd October, which is acquired by The Associated Press, and is latest update in the campaign matters that are coming to a close. The request was made due to the charges of voter suppression and the countercharges of voter fraud.

Till now, Kemp was overlooking the demand of Democratic Party of leaving the office as Georgia’s chief elections offices. However, the approach made by Carter is less as a person who endorsed Abrams and more as someone who has run the presidential office in the past and has spent decades now watching the elections in various parts of the world.

“One of the key requirements for a fair and trusted process is that there be a nonbiased supervision of the electoral process,” Carter wrote, adding that stepping aside “would be a sign that you recognize the importance of this key democratic principle and want to ensure the confidence of our citizens in the outcome.”

Although it hasn’t been clear that Kemp read the letter thus far or not, the spokeswoman in Kemp’s office, who has been handling the questions about the campaign of Kemp, didn’t gave any immediate response.

Dealing with the talks of ongoing demand of Democratic party about resigning from the post and debating with Abrams, Kemp stated that the bipartisan panels are present at local level with officials that are in charge of handling the process of elections. Also, he said that a Democratic predecessor also competed for the Governor’s office in 2006 while she was still at the office, and the notable part is that Cathy Cox failed to secure Democratic nomination back in 2006.

Kemp is stating that he proceeds with the duties, working under the law defined by the authorities in Georgia, and voters can cast their vote without any pressure. Just an identification proof and they will be able to have their say in the elections.


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