On Friday, the federal judge upheld the order of restoring the DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and gave the administration 20 days deadline to respond and appeal for this decision.

According to John Bates, the DC District Judge said that the administration of Trump who proposed to stop the DACA program could not defend and justify their proposal. DACA was a program initiated in the reign of Obama, and it was a successful program to protect from the deportation of more than 800,000 young children immigrants brought to the US that were undocumented.

Bates was against the proposal of Trump administration, and he was a supporter of the DACA program yet he is upholding his ruling for 20 days to give the administration time to provide the judge their appeal in defense of this ruling to restore the DACA program.

Devin O’Malley, the spokesman of Justice Department, said that the next proceeding of the department would be to file the appeal in order to justify the Trump administration proposal.

According to Malley, the Justice Department still have faith in the same kind of justification which the judge has already rejected. In their opinion, “DACA is an unlawful evasion of Congress,” and this could be ended by the DHS authority.

He added that the administration and Justice Department still trying to defend their proposal vigorously and they are trying their best to make it part of future litigation.

The similar court ruling about ending the DACA in New York and California and restoring it has prohibited the administration from ending this program while they have only given orders to the government to keep the existing application process for the DACA program in progress. While the acceptance of the new applications for DACA program was not restored in these cities too. But the ruling of Bates is to restore the entire DACA program by starting to receive the new applications also. The decision is still pending for the appeals.

On this Friday, Bates has announced to uphold the decision of restoring the DACA program and provided the Trump administration a chance to defend their proposal by appealing for the case. Furthermore, he has postponed the restoration order of the DACA program for three months. Due to this prolonged time, the administration can gather and provide substantial justification for ending the DACA program and convince the Federal Judge to approve their proposal.


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