jull sells ecigs via instagram and twitter

Juul, $15 billion startup, sold e-cigs with twitter and Instagram with ‘relaxation, freedom, and sex appeal’

A big question rising up in front of the Juul, e-cigarette startup which is powered by Silicon Valley, is that whether they marketed their products and targeted the teenagers.

According to the company, they are providing the sleek vaping devices are inclined for the use of adults that are looking for ways to quit smoking the traditional cigarettes. They also state that the marketing only has a slight impact on their sales. However, the recent study suggests that Juul’s social media campaigns, that target people across various popular social media platform including the YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, has had a lot of success.

As per the words coming from the public health experts, scientists, and the food and drug administrators, the vaping companies have been on a watch in recent weeks and after studying them for a few months, most of the reports say that they are targeting young people. Their campaigns are encouraging them to smoke and vape. According to the study, a combination of marketing strategies and the way they are offering the products, including the likes of slick design and sweet flavors, are there to catch the attention of youngsters.

The social media marketing added a leverage to the efforts because it is a cheaper way to market the products and promote them in a particular community. Researchers who focused on Juul’s marketing and studied it deeply posted in the Tobacco Control journal, stating that the ecig brand stood out of the competition with the help of its social media marketing. They referred to the sales of flash drive style devices and associated them with the social media posts from the company.

The researchers said that overall impact from the marketing was significant and stated that “Targeted cross-platform social media campaigns, although they cost little, can have substantial influence on people’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to these products.”

Amassing the 70% market of ecigarette and powered from Silicon Valley giants, the company is valued at over $15 billion. Although Juul states that the products are directed at the adult smokers, the studies suggest that their campaigns are linked to the promotion of smoke and vape among the youngsters. Their strategies and the way they are presenting it in front of youngsters is increasing its use among them. It has triggered a huge debate and health critics are talking about how it is affecting the community.

New Update: Juul Will Suspend Selling Most E-Cigarette Flavors in Stores and Halt Social Media Promotions

Juul Will Suspend Selling Most E-Cigarette Flavors in Stores and Halt Social Media Promotions

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