Juul Will Suspend Selling Most E-Cigarette Flavors in Stores and Halt Social Media Promotions

It has been time for Juul to face the publish backlash as well as the pressure from the government’ side for the Juul’s labs that was announced on the Tuesday for making the susopesnion of the sales of most of its flavored e-cigarettes which are found in the retail stores. Another thing that is added is that the social media promotions of the brand would also be banned onwards.

This decision was made by a San Francisco based company that got more than 70- percent of its share in United states market which is really regarded as the most important sign for the retrenchment of any industry for settling up the devices which would help the smokers for quitting but now there are some blames for a new health problem which is been facing by the public and that is the addiction to nicotine in some nonsmoking teens. The announcement of Juul was found somehow to be effective in undercutting the plans of the drug and the food administration so that a series of measures could be unveiled at the vaping for the curbing teenage.

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This agency is also expected that later this week they are going to announced the ban for the sale of those flavored e-cigarettes in the gas stations and at some other convenience stores where they could be probably found and they there strengthen the requirements of the cigarettes for the age verification which would be done online for the further sale of these e-cigarettes.  There is another strategy made by Juul to keep the users away from that stuff and for reverting them towards those menthol cigarettes.

Juul said that it is now going to keep tobacco, mint and some menthol flavors for the devices in the retail stores. In the past few months, a campaign which is highly aggressive has been mounted by the F.D.A against the main manufacturers of such vaping products which would be appealing especially for the young people and the main focus would be on Juul.

The sleek device of the company somehow resembles to the flash drive and it comes with distinguishing flavors like that could be of mango and crème and some other which would easily be at the positions to lead the health officials so that they could criticize the company and some other appearing faces especially for the direct marketing to the teenagers who are not stoppable for this nicotine addiction.



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