Kanye West tells Trump MAGA hat made him feel like ‘Superman’

This Thursday, the rapper Kanye West had a meeting with Donald trump where he in the oval office meeting in front of the reporters told Mr. President that why he supports the Republican. West as a part of an increased soliloquy which spanned the topics from the mental health of his throughout the prison reforms said that he felt like a Superman when he put that hat. West said about Mr. President that he is on a Hero’s journey. When West was commenting on his presidential ambitions, he said that we all must stop worrying about what the future could be and what we have all is today.

He said that Trump is on a hero’s journey and he might not have thought that someone like West would have supported him. The meeting was billed by the White House as it is the center of an urban revitalization, American- African unemployment, the workforce training, crime in Chicago and the potential clemencies of the future.

Oval Office

In the Oval Office, West told the reporters that he was once asked to speak with Mr. President about the detriments to apply the frisk and stop policies in the Chicago. The president frequently used to admire the program telling that there was a group of law enforcement in the previous week which he has urged the Chicago city to firmly consider the frisk and stop. During the meeting held in white house, president said that he is completely open to an alternative for the frisk and stop.

He said to Kayne that he is completely open and that if they could do it in a separate way and that they all agree that they should do something. In the meeting, west also had the discussion about the clemency for the Larry Hoover who has been serving his life in the prison in a supermax facility and he was being called as a statue or a beacon.

West said that the main reason of his being imprisoned was that because he started to do something positive for the community and that he began to show that he had got power and he wasn’t not someone who has got a monolithic voice which could be used to wrap the people around. He said that it is of importance for him to get the Hoover out of the prison because he feels himself to be like Hoover somehow. He said that he has to get him out of the prison because he was doing something positive for the Chicago exactly like him going back to Chicago.



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